Tom and Leanne

Ahhhh Tom and Leanne's wedding. The day Ed fell in a river. Amazingly, we still have this very lovely film to share with you, despite our adventures! 

Whimsical was our brief for this delightful wedding in South Yorkshire at the lovely Hodsock Priory. The gorgeous newly wed's Tom and Leanne were a delight to work with and the most gracious and kind we have ever met. We loved Leanne's attention to wedding day details and their amazing vintage car. Tom took refuge with his merry men on the wedding day morning at the fabulous Gentleman's Retreat in Bawtry a must for any Groomsmen wanting some traditional wedding grooming. Leanne and her girls got ready at the family home, which was a bubble of excitement and laughter. Funnily enough, the vicar at the church was Rev Kate Bottley from Chanel 4's Gogglebox. Brilliant. We had heard rumours of Rev Kate making her way down isles on mopeds and such like, nothing so extreme on this day, but a brilliant service, entertaining, funny and heartfelt. We loved it and we loved how personal and unique she made it for Tom and Leanne. On to Hodsock Priory and after getting gold footage of that gorgeous car on the drive over there, we stopped and Ed jumped out for shots with the lovely Camilla Rosa Photography and of course the happy couple. I didn't see Ed for a while following that moment. Thinking all was breezy and normal, I went on with my routine of details at the venue and general milling around of guests. Little did I know that I couldn't have been more wrong! Disaster! Ed had actually accidentally fallen in a river. Saved by hero of the day, Groom Tom, when he finally reached dry shores, Ed insisted on carrying on filming, to get those final shots. Even though he basically looked like he had been swimming, and rolled through nettles and mud. Need I say more, the footage is brilliant!  

We loved this day, and will talk about it forever more. Here is a beautiful little taster of this beautiful wedding, with a fabulous story behind it, that now you all know.